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Defence is a neighborhood located within Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Although part of Lahore City District, Defence is actually governed directly by the Lahore Cantonment Board. The DHA is divided into several subdivisions or “phases”. However, Defence is divided into 10 subdivisions (or phases), which each phase being subdivided further into blocks. Each phase also has a central commercial area to cater to the local community. Basically, it was established for military personnel by the Armed Forces of Pakistan Welfare Department. Today DHA serves as one of Lahore’s most affluent neighbourhoods.

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Are you looking for your next property or want to explore your local area? “Well Made Group” will help you to connect with the place you belong. We offer a free, no-obligation property valuation service to all homes in DHA, Lahore. We understand that getting an update on your property’s value or property’s potential can help you make better informed long-term decisions.

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We meet the growing demand for exceptional living spaces of all kinds’ properties with excellent extensions and superior interiors. We love selling properties in DHA, Lahore. Estate agency is about people. We work with the most extraordinary range of people, who are brought together by the need to move property and an interest in good design. Our aim is to provide them all with a positive experience. The members of our team have academic training in art, architecture, journalism, literature and photography. They are able to speak with honesty and authority rather than resorting to cliché, and are proud of what they do. In an industry that’s synonymous with mistrust, people come to “Well Made Group” for a human approach to buying and selling.

When we came into existence, it pioneered a new marketplace for modern’s best design-led living spaces. More than a decade later, we still feel the same sense of excitement every day. The built environment is in a state of constant flux, with people carrying out remarkable new projects in all corners of the DHA, Lahore. At last, by defending the cause of thoughtful design, and raising awareness among the buying public, we try to have a positive influence on the built environment.

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