Finding a House for rent in Lahore is The Best Decision in my Life

My family and I had been living in Islamabad, for years. And I just love Islamabad as the way we love our mother and family. It seems that there are 2 different characters in Islamabad itself: a notable Faisal Mosque with its beauty and a fresh and very beautiful hills and changing weather. I had thought I would live here forever. However, you can never plan your life exactly like the way you want.

I met somebody.  And after 2 years engagement, we married, which meant I had to choose to reside in Lahore, where he was living and doing his business at. It was a difficult decision for me. I never thought of living in a city which is 380 km away from my parents and my love-Islamabad. However, at last, my husband and I found a house for rent in Lahore City with the help Well Made Group to live after the wedding. I soon got the job I ever wanted in this young and modern city.

That house for rent in Lahore City had enough space for both of us to live and enjoy the new lifestyle of a city growing every day. However, because of our modest income, we lived in that house for rent and it was quite far from the center, which was inconvenient to us. But we got used to wake up early in the morning to go to work.

Moving forward

That week came with full of surprise. My husband got a promotion in his business and my salary was raised. We thought of moving to another house for rent that near the center in DHA. Living near the center really made us delighted. We had more time to have breakfast at home. We could go to work on time without waking up extremely early in the morning. And we could go the movies every weekend together. Life in this metropolitan was great. 3 years after that, our family welcomed new 2 members, our son and daughter. Then, we realized that the current house was so small for four people.

We decided to find a bigger house for rent in DHA. Finding a bigger one at that time was difficult because the real estate situation was unstable. Fortunately, we found a good house for rent in Lahore which belonged to my friend, who was going to settle down in Lahore. This house for rent was near the center and had rooms for every family member. Although it didn’t have a garden, we still had some plan pots in the small front yard.


Five years later, we could afford to buy a house in DHA, Lahore. And today we are about to celebrate my daughter’s graduation in my home sweet home.

Sometimes when looking back all those things, I feel good and enjoy memories. Living with my own family in this city is the best decision I have ever made. I’ll never forget the time we were living in the house for rent in DHA where saw some significant changes in our life with my little 2 babies.

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