House for rent in Lahore – Top Rental Localities in Lahore, 2018

Whether you are searching to rent out your own apartment in Lahore, or you are searching house for rent in Lahore, there is mention all necessary data you should to know about the latest market situation in Lahore. Take a look below to check out some of the most famous and beautiful localities in Lahore.

Top Rental Localities in Lahore, 2018-

Lahore’s Top Rental Localities in October

Rank Locality Popularity Index Performance
1 DHA Defence 100 No Change
2 Johar Town 48 No Change
3 Bahria Town 47 No Change
4 Gulberg 37 +1
5 Askari 36 -1
6 Cantt 35 +1
7 Model Town 34 +1
8 Wapda Town 34 -2
9 Allama Iqbal Town 26 No Change
10 Eden 19 No Change

According to Well Made Group, DHA is one of the famous locality and it has continued the top area throughout the past year, it has been so tremendously famous over the year that no other locality comes even close. DHA has about 100 points on the Popularity Index and Bahria Town and Johar Town have fifty points on the Popularity Index.Such excessive difference in popularity is uncommon for a city like Lahore and only serves to highlight the value people place on DHA projects.

Another hand Bahria Town and Johar Town have been competing for the second rank, according to market search Johar Town at the 2nd&Bahria Town at the 3rd position. However, the standard area to rent in Johar Town is the surroundings of Emporium and Phase II. While according to Muhammad Anwar Shafqat- he is a Real Estate & Builders CEO. He clarified that plazas, Emporium and other malls in the surrounding area present anextensiverange of job opportunities. He more added, people from other cities who attain for these jobs prefer living nearby.

Furthermore, Askari&Gulberg have been practically equally standard exchanging the fourth and the fifth spot throughout the year. While if we talk about Model Town, Cantt, Allama Iqbal Town and Wapda Town, have gain points the same at the next four spots. Eden Housing scheme in which includes Eden Value Homes,Eden City and Eden Gardens among a range of other schemes by Eden Housing, has been a constant at the tenth spot.

What do you think which one best locality for renting houses in Lahore? You can talk us in the comments section below. For more details on the topic about house for rent in Lahore, you can visit Well Made Group.

There is following the average rent and the rental yield for double storey houses in top Lahore’s localities:

DHA Defence

Average Rents (in PKR)

  • 5-Marla – rent RS. 45,000
  • 10-Marla – rent RS: 95,000
  • 1-kanal – rent RS: 150,000

Average Rental Yield

  • 5-Marla -Yield3%
  • 10-Marla -Yield4.2%
  • 1-kanal -Yield3.3%

Johar Town

Average Rents (in PKR)

  • 5-Marla – rent RS: 43,000
  • 10-Marla – rent RS: 68,000
  • 1-kanal – rent RS: 110,000

Average Rental Yield

  • 5-Marla – Yield 4.9%
  • 10-Marla – Yield 3.6%
  • 1-kanal – Yield 2.9%

Bahria Town

Average Rents (in PKR)

  • 5-marla – rent RS 37,000
  • 10-marla – rent RS 60,000
  • 1-kanal – rent RS 100,000

Average Rental Yield

  • 5-Marla -Yield4%
  • 10-Marla -Yield4.3%
  • 1-kanal – Yield3%


Average Rents (in PKR)

  • 5-Marla – rent RS: 40,000
  • 10-Marla – rent RS: 80,000
  • 1-kanal – rent RS: 200,000

 Average Rental Yield

  • 5-Marla – Yield3.9%
  • 10-Marla -Yield4.2%
  • 1-kanal and Yield5%


Average Rents (in PKR)

  • 10-Marla – rent RS: 48,000
  • 1-kanal – rent RS: 80,000

Average Rental Yield

  • 10-Marla – Yield 2%
  • 1-kanal – Yield 3.5%

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